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[the typical, automated voice]  "You have reached [number].  Your call cannot be completed at the moment.  Please leave a message after the tone."
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Call from a payphone

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Hello, darling.

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So I've heard. Wonderful security breach they've built into the system, mm? Not that it's done you much good, comrade. I don't think the Liberators would be hard for any half-competent spy to connect you to here with Pym running around.

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A shame. Give me a moment to mourn.

Seattle. I don't think you'd have much trouble coming out for a visit, hm?

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I had a feeling you'd say that. [Insert address of secluded coffee shop here].

[[log or action it up here?]]

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Don't worry, darling. We won't be long.

[[Sounds good!]]

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[[Here! (]]


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[Right after this ( goes up.]

By a child?


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Sulking is never attractive.

You're in one piece, then.


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Sounds like you could have fun.