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Wanna get in touch with me to plot? Just wanna talk? Wanna crit me and it's not HMD time? Comment here! Anonymous posting enabled, all comments are screened. HOPEFULLY. I fail at stuff like this so hit me up if I'm screwing the post up.


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You haven't been around lately (I know, college is a biiiitch) but I was thinking we should do something with Loki and Gert since they haven't really had a chance to interact since he tortured her as President. Thoughts?

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I made a new comment since yours doesn't seem to be here ;-;

I was thinking more along the lines of something that could potentially piss off Nico, since Gert is her beloved bffer, because a showdown between Loki and Nico would probably be pretty sweet. ... although flooding her apartment with that stuff as icing on the cake = genius.

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What would really, really, REALLY make Nico go bananas is if something happened to Gert. Like Loki stuck her somewhere for a few days or something o:

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LOLOL I am just imagining her wandering around without her comm all WHERE THE FUCK AM I 8|

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OMG, me too. And it's like freezing at night and she is just so 8| 8| 8| and it takes her hours to find the motels. And she is cursing Loki. THE WHOLE. TIME.


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HI THERE. Feel free to say no to this! But I had an idea for potential plotting in the near future, if you'd be interested. Max and Annie Prendergast have a sort of team they put together in Seattle, and Max is looking for ways to debut them. I was thinking, would it be possible for him to hire (I assume mind control wouldn't work on a God... though if it would and you wanted to we could work with that too, there could be a revenge plot later) Loki to manufacture a disaster of some kind that the team could swoop in and take care of.

Does any of that sound of interest? Y/N/shut the hell up?


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MOST EXCELLENT. I was thinking either some kind of a hostage situation or an earthquake? I have to ask the mods still so I don't know when it'd be yet, but I wanted to get your okay first. c: Max might offer money just to get out of having to do a favor later... but well, it is Loki.


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Awesome. 8) I'll run it by the plot post and then let you know a date?


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Hey, this is Hellion-mun [profile] user and I was just wondering if I could say Loki did something to Julian for Halloween -- nothing big, just, like, turned him into a chicken or something -- since I signed up for his douche post.


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Hey, this is Stacey. I just apped this lady, Ultimate Black Widow, and Loki is the first person she'd like to get in touch with before she announces her presence. Mostly so he can help her make her faked!ID of not being the bitch who betrayed them all bullet proof, if you're up for it!

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Awesome! Mind if she's a complete creeper and calls his cell, or would you prefer a locked post to him over the network?